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Each card on this page represents a NHL game to take place today. Each game card is split into two key areas, Goalie information and stats for each team. Within the Goalie area you are presented with the name of the goalie, their save % for home (if the goalie is playing at home) and away (if the goalie is playing away). In addition it also shows the status of the goalie for that game, predicted, likely or confirmed.

This site was built to streamline and centerline the data consumption process for each NHL games to help with how each hockey player and goalies are doing. This data can be use to build your own models and determine probability of different outcomes. Good luck.

NHL Stats information

Over, Under values are from https://www.bovada.lv/ (updated every hour)

NHL team numbers and goalie save % within each card is based on where they are playing. If the team is playing at home the numbers reflect the team's numbers at home